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st benedict cross
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saint benedict cross


Saint Bendedict CricifixSaint Benedict had a deep love for the cross as the encompassing symbol of faith in God Jesus and the Spirit and his devotion to Christianity and his Zealous call to bring the light and spirit of God to everyone in his path.

For St Benedict the Cross of Jesus is the symbol of Jesus way that he lived when he walked with us in the flesh on earth, death to the self-ego and rebirth/resurrection in the spirit of God.

Saint Benedict was a believer in humble obedience to God's holy will. With the cross at his side St Benedict dedicated his life to bring the light of Jesus to nations and bring them out of the darkness of paganism.

There are numerous accounts of miracles Saint Benedict worked with the sign of the cross. The Cross saved benedicts life when a group of monks tried to poison him. Saint Benedict made the sign of the cross over the cup, the cup shattered, made the poison useless as it spilled on the floor.

Saint Benedict used the Cross to dispel evil and exorcise demons. The cross of St Benedict is still the most used instrument used by exorcists to set the victims of demons free.

The saint Benedict cross is a constant reminder for Christians to reject evil temptations, strive to perform good works, exorcise true charity and justice toward all. It is a reminder of Jesus calling to take up our Cross and follow him on the path of love, compassion and unity. To follow the "true King, Christ our Lord" and not the lord of culture and convention. To be on the side of justice and bring forth the Kingdom of God.

Saint Benedict CrossThe Saint Benedict Cross symbolizes this by the inscriptions on the medal.

Crux S. Patris Benedict
(The Cross of our Holy father Benedict.)

St Benedict CrucifixCrux in Obitu Nostro Praesentra Muriamur
(May we be strengthened by his presence in the hour of death!)
St Benedict died a happy death at Montecassino while standing with his arms raised up to heaven, supported by the brothers of the monastery, shortly after he received Communion. Saint Benedict is the patron of Happy Death.

Crux Sacra Sit Mihi Lux! Nun Quam Draco Sit Mihi Dux! (May the Holy Cross be my light! May the dragon never be my guide!) Light is a symbol of wisdom and the Cross is a symbol of Wisdom of God shining the way on the path of Jesus and God. The dragon is a symbol of ego culture and convention. This means never to let the lord of conventional views rule our beliefs and dim the wisdom of God.

Pax (peace)
Peace is wholeness and unity. This means that like Jesus, we should strive to always have love and compassion for others and always to be on the side of justice for all.


St Benedict Cross



saint benedict cross
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